Frequently Asked Questions  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storage temperature of PureForm CBD?

Room temperature is ideal – from 60 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit

Is there more than one kind of PureForm CBD?

There are two forms of PureForm CBD, crystalline powder and liquid.

How can I dissolve crystalline PureForm CBD?

Crystalline PureForm dissolves in most oils – Olive oil, coconut oil, glycerol, and propylene glycol. PureForm will dissolve in most vegetable oils if gently heated.

What fluids can I mix with liquid PureForm CBD?

Liquid CBD will mix with fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and both acidic and alkaline mediums. Mixing with tannic beverages may cause precipitation.

How can I fill Acidic and Base liquids mixed with PureForm CBD?

The mixtures can be hot-filled to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by use of a chilling tunnel.

How heat sensitive Is PureForm CBD?

Do not boil PureForm. Hot fill at 185 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes, then utilize a chill tunnel.

Is there a specific cooking temperature for PureForm CBD?

To prevent product evaporation, do not exceed 200 degrees.

What can I use to mix or store PureForm CBD?

PureForm can be shipped, stored, or mixed in glass, metal, plastic, or wood.

Does air or water contact affect PureForm CBD purity?

PureForm potency is not affected by air or water.